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Online Divorce, Superannuation Splitting, and Matrimonial Property Settlement between Separating Spouses

For those wishing to obtain closure and move on, we provide various online divorce services to simplify the process with a safe, convenient and affordable service delivered by caring, trustworthy professionals.

Our Services

Your Divorce is a complete online divorce service.  Designed for either individuals or couples who want a simple, safe, fixed-fee online divorce service.

Your Online PropertySettlement offers guidance and mediation to enable separated couples to document their agreement to divide their assets.

Your SuperSplit offers guidance, information and Court document lodgement to enable separated couples to divide their superannuation legally.

How Our Online Services Work

We have created a simplified process that keeps you informed along the way. There is no need for you to attend Court and there are no delays for incorrectly submitted forms.

After you complete a simple question-and-answer online application, we contact you to verify the information and ensure it is complete and meets Court requirements. We then prepare the appropriate Court documents, file and serve them as necessary, or arrange for signing and return by the parties. Immediately following the Court hearing, we contact you with the result and later provide the official orders.

Our Vision

To be the national market leader in professional online divorce services delivered with kindness and empathy.

Our Mission

We provide online divorce services for those wishing to achieve closure and move on by simplifying the process with a safe, convenient and affordable service delivered by caring, trustworthy professionals.

Our Culture

We are always kind.
We are always respectful.
We are always communicative.

What our clients are saying

Have had a great experience using the online divorce. Even better when you do get a call to make sure I understand everything. Amazing is use them again.. Thank you for Your hard work x
Jodie Debono
Jodie Debono
Thank you thank you thank you! You made a potentially stressful experience very easy. You guided me step by step and my experience was stress free. I will definitely recommend 👌
Chris Kowald
Chris Kowald
Going through my 2nd Divorce would have been tricky for me if I had to do it on my own as my ex was a "complex person" who already set off my PTSD & continued to harrass me over the year. The People at Your Divorce took care of absolutely everything! They Sent the Forms I had to fill out & sign promptly, they Organised a Server for my ex to recieve the paperwork so I wouldn't have to deal with nor get anyone else to deal with him, they Submitted the Paperwork to the Courts, Showed up via Telephone Link to the Court & Contacted me 45mins after the Hearing to let me know the Divorce was Granted. Every step of the way they let me know what was going on. I was already going through a Stressful time & they took the weight of that stress & lifted it right off my Shoulders which meant more time to focus on positive things. After the forms were filled out & sent back, I didn't have to do a single thing or worry that my ex would know my address! Totally stress free which I'm pleased about!!! I HIGHLY Recommend Your- Divorce to take care of you're Divorce, especially those who have PTSD like myself or who struggle to understand things. I give them a well deserved 5 Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Catherine Gibson
Catherine Gibson
Super easy, stress free. You can relax and let them do all the hard work. Communication on point all the way. Totally and honestly recommend.
Alicia Heremaia
Alicia Heremaia
Such an easy and straightforward process! Thank you.
Jodie Priestley
Jodie Priestley
Very efficient, helpful and made an uncomfortable situation easy.. Thankyou
Donna Owen
Donna Owen

Honoured to be Lawyers Weekly Award Finalists

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