Your Online Legal Solicitor Nominated For Top Award

Your Online Legal Group Senior Solicitor

DANIELLE GALVIN ONCE AGAIN NOMINATED FOR TOP AWARD Once again honoured to be a Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Award Finalist2023 was a busy year for Senior Associate (Solicitor) Danielle Galvin. Named as a national finalist in the 2024 Lawyers 30 under 30 in the (Family Law section) Awards. She has been recognised as one […]

20 Crucial & Crazy Things To Consider After Divorce/Property Split

Divorce and separation can be emotionally challenging, but it’s crucial to focus on the future and take steps to protect your assets and well-being. After your divorce/matrimonial or de facto property settlement is completed, there are important actions you should take to ensure that you’re on the right track to achieving your goals. In this […]

70/30 Divorce Settlements Australia

The critical factors that lead to an unequal division of assets in a property settlement Our story starts with you! 🫵 When you are a couple who has separated and wants to move forward with your lives, dividing your property, should be simple and straightforward.  On many occasions, this is not the case, and how […]

Lawyers Weekly Podcast

Your Online Legal group founder Geoff features on the Lawyers Weekly podcast for a great discussion on Law, Leadership and AFL.

Commitments & Standards

Uncover the commitments and high standards we guarantee to provide you when you choose Your Divorce, along with a glimpse of what you can expect from our services.

Your Property Settlement Journey | Ahmed And Viola​

Introducing Ahmed & Viola, who effortlessly divided their assets after separation by reaching out to Your Property Settlement from the comfort of their own home. Our streamlined process ensures simplicity, safety, and security throughout. If you’re seeking similar assistance, we are here to help.

Your Super Split Story | Brian And Grace

Discover how Your Super Split helped Brian and Grace manage their divorce and divide their superannuation. Your Super Split is an online legal service that offers support and guidance to ensure that the process of dividing superannuation is fair and equitable for both parties.